Quality strategy


   Dealing with the production of dairy ingredients we understand our quality responsibility towards all our international and local customers. Our main target is to produce and supply right quality products paying attention to the specific demands of different markets. Company’s quality strategy (system) covers all our activity and operations. We secure quality control from raw materials supply, throughout production process up to the shipping final product.


   The main chain of company’s quality system is our laboratory. Being one of the best private laboratory in Ukraine it is accredited and fully equipped for testing various dairy ingredients. Physical, chemical (moisture, fat, ash, protein, etc) and microbiological (TPC, coliforms, yast & mold, salmonella) parameters are analyzed by qualified laboratory staff. Diversification of markets requires some specific analyses like antibiotics, heavy metals, nitrites, nitrates, etc. Some of these tests we can do at our laboratory, the others are provided by authorized state institutions.


   Finished products are shipped after positive release only.

   DairyCo LLC obtained certification ISO 9001:2009.